A lot of times we seem to have this grand image of Jesus that, dare I say, borderline romanticizes his actual existence. Don’t believe me, just look at some of the paintings! Jesus is blonde with blue eyes! Nope! I’m fairly confident that a 1st century Jew would have had brown eyes and some dark hair with a really good tan!

But so goes our faith. At times we end up putting Christ up on the pedestal, elevated above all else – like a trophy above the mantel – forgetting that the presence of our Lord goes with us everywhere we are. The thing is, we can’t just lay out the red carpet for our Lord when we are expecting Jesus to come, and then “roll it up” and say, “Not right now, Jesus. Not a good time,” or “This isn’t quite the relationship I was expecting. I think I need some space.”

The crowds throw the palms up and lay down their coats to prepare the way for the Lord, but only because it works for them that particular moment, at least it seems like it. I mean, they take a political Messiah any day! But when it’s inconvenient to be a follower of Christ? You know the rest of the story – we are presented with some kind of sick version of entertainment as Barabbas is freed and Jesus is condemned.

You see, Jesus was supposed to be this great, big, huge majestic bridge like the Golden Gate or George Washington or Throgs Neck that spans ONE huge obstacle for us. A sad thing is it took us rejecting him before we realized that Christ really did provide that last big bridge over that last great obstacle called death.

And there’s some more good news.

The Lord has forgiven us. And the presence of our Lord goes with us everywhere we are. We wake up, our Lord is with us. We brush our teeth, our Lord is with us. We make our morning coffee, our Lord is wish us. We plan yet another church event or a missional activity? Our Lord is with us. In all the unexpected places and unexpected times in our life’s or our church’s journey as followers of Christ, our Lord is there with us.

Happy Monday,

Pastor Romi