If our lives as followers of Jesus had to be summed up, I think this is pretty clear – love your neighbor as yourself, because love knows no wrong to a neighbor as Paul says in Romans.

I wonder what it would look like if this were actually the case.  When I sit down and think about how I have seen some neighbors treat each other, it is definitely now out of love.  After all, don’t we have that saying, “good fences make good neighbors?”  That’s part of our problem.  We try to construct big beautiful walls, the best ones that have ever been seen, and they are meant to keep us safe from all the dangerous things in the world, but rarely do they do so.

People are resourceful, and when barriers present themselves, some people will conquer those walls by whatever means necessary. We may automatically think of walls and fences on our borders whose intention it is to keep bad folk out, but what about the types of walls we build in our lives that obstruct us from the love of God?

What about walls that society builds up in us?  1 Timothy labels money as the root of all evil, but it’s not money that is evil – it’s just a piece of paper, linen or plastic depending on what country you’re in.  Our minds are what is distorted and build a false construct of power and authority around money, so I’d dare to say that we who have fallen out of the graces of God through our inclination to sin because of temptation – that is the root of all evil.  Our nature to be god-like instead of God fearing and God respecting people.

I hope and pray that as followers of Jesus we will be able to be crafty in a positive way and tear down walls and barriers that hold back God’s love.  May we be graced with the ingenuity to deconstruct toxic fences and facades in a healthy manner.  Simply put, may we love our neighbor as ourselves, because love knows no wrong to a neighbor.